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 Ember Delacroix

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Lust of The 7 Deadly Sins

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PostSubject: Ember Delacroix   Ember Delacroix EmptyTue Jun 09, 2009 6:31 pm

Name: Ember Delacroix
Alias: The Phantom Alpha, Lust, The Vixen.
Race: Nephilim/Demon
Loyalty: Neutral (Mostly)
Age: Looks to be around 24, though is actually over 9,160 (This being the age (5,000 Archangel and 4,160 Nephilim) that she has admitted, though it is suspected (and there is evidence to prove) that she is much older than she lets on (See her background for more details))
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6''

Normal: Ember prefers to wear a sleeveless, tight (about three sizes too small) blue tank top that reveals her belly button and tight fitting blue jeans with a pale blue chain as a belt. She wears a pair of dark blue, leather combat boots with buckles instead of laces. Around her neck she wears a pale blue lace choker with a white sapphire in the shape of an upside down cross hanging from it. Her long dark blue hair falls over her left eye, concealing the fact that the iris is faded grey while her right eye is blue-grey.
Formal Outfit: At times, Ember will change her outfit into in dress like this one: Ember Delacroix 15195852_4 except a darker shade of blue.
Transformed: Ember Delacroix Morier%20Side%20dim (demon heritage)
Exposed: Ember Delacroix Blue-Dragon
Notable Physical Traits: Ember has a tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon on her right shoulder and a tattoo of a tiger on her left shoulder. The tip of a barbed tail can be seen on the outside part of her right ankle, and it is the tail of a dragon tattoo that is large enough to span the entirety of her back. She has a small, deep scar just under her left eye, one that she refuses to give the story behind, and she is covered in many smaller and harder to notice scars.

Wing Span: 5 Feet (most of the time) 10 Feet (When she lets it)
Wing Color: Dark Blue

Element: Fire, though it is often confused with others: water or ice due to her “cold” demeanor and blue color scheme (a mistake that she encourages), nature or plants due to her “Ash Zombies”, or life also due to her “Ash Zombies” as well as her ghost flame technique.
Talents: Singing, Persuasion, Temptation, Seduction, Manipulation
Personality: Cold, Cruel, Manipulative, Sadistic. These four words tend to be very accurate when it comes to the very embodiment of Lust, Ember. Ruthless and Plotting also come to mind. To get what she wants when she wants it, Ember will stop at next to nothing. On the surface, she remains somewhat sweet (akin to an overdose of sugar, it's so good but you already know it's not good for you). She is no whore however, and calling her such will likely cause her to bring vengeance crashing down upon the caller (this vengeance can take centuries before she acts upon it). Ember enjoys watching a good battle almost as much as she enjoys breaking the spirit of someone that actively resists her. She prefers not to fight, and would much rather woo a lesser demon into doing it for her. This changes when someone she knows is in danger, at that point she drops everything and will throw herself into the frontlines if need be to rescue/save those dear to her. She revels in killing, often luring males of many races and ages to the banks of the River Styx before destroying them. She embraces her demonic heritage far more than her angelic one. She remains curious, sticking her nose into many things that are none of her business. She absolutely adores learning new things and under her sweet guise is a mind that is always plotting, planning, mapping out her next move, taking stock of possible reactions and how to use her surroundings, coming up with the best possible strategy both on the battlefield and off. She has a vicious hatred of bullies and large groups that oppress others and will often go out of her way to annoy them. However, she herself is a bully at times, treating Humans as simple pawns. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction, as all of Ember's actions are to gain this reaction and further her own goals.

Despite her low desire for engaging in battle, once engaged Ember becomes confident in herself and in her abilities in battle to the point where many mistake it for arrogance, although this is not the case. Sadistic and caustic at pretty much all times at this point, Ember absolutely loves infuriating her adversary as much as she can before fully engaging them in battle. She commonly views everyone with a form of contempt unless they manage to earn her respect. Ember is a fierce protector when it comes to those that she loves and/or cares about and/or admires, hunting down those that wrong them and not stopping until that wrong has been fully (and oftentimes doubly) avenged. However, she is cautious at times, given her nearly shark-like reaction to blood.

Contrasting all before this, Ember does indeed have the capacity of being a kind, caring, gentle and everything she normally is not, though she prefers not to.

Notable Personality Traits: She is commonly prone to headaches when in really bright places. Due to being a feline demon (half though it is) Ember is also prone to be exceptionally cat-like in both her mannerisms and her movements. Meaning that she has been known to purr when pleased (the louder the purring, the more pleased she is), and to be somewhat easy to distract.
Weapons: A simple katana about a foot longer than a normal one, the color of the deepest ocean. The sheathe is non-existent as the blade itself seems to be able to appear out of nowhere, the secret to this being Ember’s ring. The ring itself is a passageway a pocket dimension.
Accessories: A single dark ruby band that encircles her right index finger.
Fancy Fencing - Centuries of honing her sword fighting skills has made her into a fierce fighter with plenty of attacks that are solely meant to dazzle and/or distract an opponent and multitudes of attacks that are not what they seem.

Reckless Persistence - Due to her hatred of failure, once she starts something, she will keep going until it's finished, regardless of the danger to herself.

Cloak of Night - Because of her training, she can fight just as well in darkness as in light.

Stealth - She has perfected the art of being nearly soundless, though it is not perfect and she messes up often.

Flexibility, Dislocation, Numb Nerves - She can bend and twist into any variety of shapes, dislocating her bones pretty much at will. Her nerve endings are numb so she can take a lot of pain before reacting to it. This is often compared to being a contortionist.

Luxuria - The very thing that draws all, if not most beings to her like moths to a flame. It is actually the old word for Lust.

Advanced Pyrotech - Her element is fire, and she can manifest it in any kind of place and in any color, and control even the ashes of something she's burned to the point where it can look exactly like what it was originally (except for the color, which remains the dark grey of the ashes) and have to follow her every mental command.

Luxuria - Her unique ability to inject pure pleasure into any number of actions. Making a kiss to the forehead or something as simple as a touch elicit a reaction similar to something far more intimate. This abilities strength relies on the action that Ember does, the more touching involved, the longer the “echoes” of this ability last. The max for this is 10 posts and this ability has to be specified for it to be active.

Salvation - In which Ember relinquishes her human-like form and takes her exposed form. Often she’ll shout something along the lines of “Witness your salvation!” In this, her normal strength is multiplied by 8 and she wields her full power, bringing her wrath down in various forms. This causes each of her abilities to double in strength and length.

Ghost Flame - a seemingly weak and not hot flame in the shape of a small kitten. She uses these mostly to monitor her priority objectives. In battle, the kitten becomes white and clings to both the enemy and their weapon like napalm regardless of their abilities due to it's not quite spiritual base. (It’ll burn just as badly as napalm too) There are two of these in existence and when one is engaged in battle, the other vanishes, allowing the first to spawn like a hydra when cut. (The max for these is 10)

Ghost Image - an image of Ember that looks acts and feels just like her, but is instead made up of dull flames. This often spawns from her ghost flame tech and it often occurs just before her ghost portal tech.

Ghost Portal - this is how Ember manages to seem to appear almost anywhere. After using the previous two techs, Ember opens a temporary portal. Only those with her can enter it unless she's pushed someone or something through it.

Ash Zombies - Ember's ability to control the ashes of something that she has burned. There can be about fifty of these at at a time. At one, it is half as strong as Ember, at 2 this is split and so on. They are powerless at 50 of them.

Hiding Wings - Her true wingspan is 10 Feet, though she keeps them shorter (5 Feet) because they're easier for her to manage that way. However, prolonged hiding of her wings will give her a headache that will not cease until she frees her wings.

Transformation - Being who and what she is, she can shift between her forms at will and take forms halfway between normal and one of them.

Background: Unlike most ‘Devine Beings’, Ember did not begin life as a Human. In fact, she never was one as far as she remembers. Ember’s life began in fact, as a relatively unknown member of the Sumerian Pantheon, being the only offspring of Tiamat (Tiamat was the "shining" goddess of salt water who roared and smote in the chaos of original creation.) and Kingu (The God that Tiamat chose for her lover). Her original name either unknown or forgotten, Ember remained hidden, not wanting to have to deal with the drama that she deemed the life of those in the Pantheon. Thus, not only was she relatively unknown and was also one of the only Goddesses of the Pantheon that was not worshipped, but Ember is the only member of the Sumerian Pantheon that she knows of that is still living today. Because her Pantheon was the eldest that was recorded, all the new ‘Gods’ began to seek their destruction. Another Pantheon did indeed take their place with the assistance of some of the very demons that Tiamat had created and another Pantheon took place after that, each new Pantheon or singular God destroying the one that came before it. Because of this, Ember was faced with a few options each time: hide among the humans and pretend to be powerless, give up and die, or submit to the new deity and be recognized. Each time, fearful of what might happen if she didn’t, Ember hid among the humans and learned exactly how corrupted they had become. This gave birth to her disdain for Humans and their kind. Then, the singular deity belonging to Christianity, a being only called ‘God’ took power as the dominant deity. Again she hid, but this time, the powerful Goddess was discovered, and her memories of her life wiped, although they could not wipe her skill with a blade. Ember was “born” as an Angel with a short pair of backwards facing horns, but they were removed and she hardly remembers them as they never grew back. She trained her sword fighting under an Archangel, then claimed that rank and his powers when he was killed in battle. Even as an Archangel, Ember had a talent for seducing others into doing most of her work for her, proving her quite lazy. She Fell by choice, choosing to fall rather than fighting against the Demons that were likely part of her heritage, or even more likely, her family. Well, that and the fact that she couldn't help but keep trying to seduce an Archangel more powerful than she. The third and more unknown reason is that she had managed to reclaim her memories. As a Nephilim, she made her living by tempting all she could. Now, she simply seeks to belong to something. She keeps the former part of her history hidden away, and even the most powerful of information keepers and seekers know nothing about her being the Goddess that she is.
RP Sample: Mist swirled forlornly about the feet of a rapidly moving figure. Said feet were housed within a pair of dark blue leather combat boots, these boots having buckles in place of laces. Tucked into the boots was a pair of silken looking blue pants that hugged the legs within, halting exactly at the hips. Looped through the belt loops was an almost clear chain that shimmered and danced in the light as if water. The stomach area was left bare, revealing a chiseled but very obviously feminine abdominal area. The shirt stopped just below her bikini top and was a few sizes too small. "Pathetic fools." Ember muttered softly, pausing and looking down at the dead bodies at her feet. She remained clean, though the naked blade in her hand dripped blood down to the ground. She fluttered her wings once, turning her back and pacing away.
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Ember Delacroix
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