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 Roune Archleone

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roune archleone
Greed of The 7 Deadly Sins
roune archleone

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PostSubject: Roune Archleone   Roune Archleone EmptyWed Jun 10, 2009 11:56 pm

Name:Roune Archleone
Alias: the Hellhound, Greed
Loyalty: Nuetral most of the time

Appearance: Human-like: (his normal appearance) roune has charcoal coaled
hair, a pale black with silver/grey tips, and his eyes are yellow around the outer
rim of the iris and turn into a dark red towards the center, with every color in
between. he wears loose leather pants, and three belts. two belts go through the
loops on his pants on only one side and hang down the sides of his hips on the other,
while the third is worn normally. along the belt he wears normally the is a line of
feathers taken from the angels he has killed, containing shades of white, silver, and
gold. he also wears a long plain black shirt and a plain silver chain bracelt around
each wrist. one three fingers of each hand he wears a plain steel ring, and on the
remaining ones (his index fingers) he wears rings of 3 thin woven bands of silver,
steel, and gold.

Demonic appearence:(only in a serious battle)his skin darken to match his normal
state's hair. his hair lengthens a bit and the strands compress together to form
dozens of horns, with two of them longer then the rest and located in the front, with
almost blade like sharpness along the front edge. extra eyes form on the back of each
hand, forming vertically inbetween his middle and ring fingers, three more on his
forhead, one in the middle and second set a little above and to the outside of his
normal ones, the last and largest eyes forms in the center of his chest, running
vertical and along his sternum. thee extra mouthes also form, one in the palm of each
hand and a huge one in his abdomen. a long tail also forms, it is thinck enough to be
used as a weapon but still thin enough to be manueverable and used for things like
picking objects up, and is lined with bony spikes along the top ridge, with one longer and thincker one on the end which he often uses for impalement. in his demonic form his tattooes spead and form into angelic
sigils along his forearms that glow when he uses his mouthes to project his will. his
cars also take on a golden color and glow brightly against his skin.

True Demon form:roune is only able to take this form when the only emotion in his heart is greed, it is the purest manifestation of his power. from the elbows and knees down his forearms, hands, shins, and feet are incased in a thick bone like armor while his fingers and toes change into long metallic like claws. his thighs, shoulders, and his whole torse are covered in gold rimmed black scales of immense strength that give him something of a regal look. the horns that formed in his demon form grow longer and grow into blade like protrusions, the two special ones grow longer andsweep back and to the sides. the mouthes that had been on his palms recede and reform on the back ofhis han, forming a larger mouth in the armor complete with teeth and a tongue. he loses the ability to use telekinesis but the saliva from his extra mouths is extremely acidic, able to do severe damage to organic matter, mark stone, and cause rusting in certain metals. a new mouth opens on the end of his tail, larger then the ones on his hands but not as big as the mouth from his torso. the impaling spike that was on his tail before is replaced by two long and sharp horns. new eyes also form on the back of his hands, making two per hand right above the mouths, as well as one on each shoulder and one on each side of his lower back. he loses the ability of flight in this form as his wings change form, the membrane fades from between the bony portions of his wings, which form into long tentacles with a strong bone point for impaling and slashing. the tentacles on his back are able to stretch out up to 20 feet and the tongues from his mouths can stretch out up to ten to be used as whips.

Notable Physical Traits: he has three lines tattooed around each forarm, two
thin lines with one thicker one inbetween. he also has a thick scar going all the way
around his neck. and another scar in the shape of a cross on the right side of his
Wing Span: nearly 11' each
Wing Color: black on the outside, but the inside is a dark silver/grey.

Talents:building, crafting, cooking

Personality: being the demon that insired the deadly sin of greed, roune is
known to covet and desire almost everything and want it for himself, it even drives
him in battle, not letting himself give up because there are too many things he wants
still. his greed also leads to him always looking out for himself, he never does
anything for anyone else without there being a benefit for himself. he's known to
scheeme and plan things to always work out in his favor no matter what happens.
though he is powerful he prefers not to fight if he can avoid it. he is usually
polite and can even be quite formal and display great manners, but he finds it all to
be a huge bother

Notable Personality Traits: roune feels intense and savage anger whenever
someone tries to take something of his

Weapons: along the belt hanging on his right hip hang the sheathes of 4
daggers he usually uses as throwing weapons. on the left hip is his sword belt,
holding his single edged longsword with a curved blade instead of the normal shapr
angles: Kirliel

Accessories: the only keepsake he has is his necklace, a teardrop shaped peice
of an unidentified metal deeply engraved with angelic sigils on both sides, given to
him by the same person that gave him both the tattooes on his forearms and the scars
on his neck and abs

Abilities:in his human form he possess almost no powers, only the natural heightened speed, strength, and durability of being a high ranked demon. in his demonic form he has telekinesis, channeled by his extra mouthes he can lift up to 3 tons using the ones on his hands (three tons at one time, so 3 with one hand and nothing with the other, or 1 1/2 with each, ETC) or up to 12 tons by using the mouth on his stomache, however picking up that much is extremely draining. his huge wings and eyes are also far more durable then they appear. though he often fakes that they are vulnerable spots to catch an opponent unawares

Background:roune is one of the highest ranking demons, at home among the cthonic dukes of hell. many demons consider him an oddity because he doesn't amass armies or revel in destruction like most of his peers, though feel realize it's because he wants things to be long to him, not to destroy them, and he wants them himself. though few know it is is part of the reason lucifer failed in overthrowing god. he was captured andarranged a deal, he would reveal the secrets of lucifers army in exchange for his freedom. when he returned to hell they still trusted him because of the scars he had gained during his time away, the ones around his neck and on his abdomen

RP Sample:roune stalks the angel, sticking to the shadows, he has no idea what an angel is doing here in hell, but she's going to make good prey. he grins as she finally notices his presence and draws her sword, but he's already moving. her blade isn't halfway out of the scabbard when he reaches her, pushing in back inwith enough force to break her wrist "she's a weak one, she shouldn't be anywhere near here"
she reacts quickly and aims a punch at his face but his other hand intercepts her, grabbing her by the inner forearm and twisting it around to her back. grinning he whips his tail around and drives the spike at the tip into her stomache, just below the breast bone. his smilewidens as she screams in pain, he adds a bite into the veins of her wrist from the hand in his palm, eliciting even more screams. knowing she can't fight back anymore he lets go of the hand on her sword pushes her head to the side, baring her neck, then he bites svagely into it with his regular mouth, bringing out one final scream that dissolves into sobs and finally ceases altogether as he drinks her blood
roune pulls away from her after she's been drunk dry, licking his lips clean of her blood "angel blood, nothing's better" he pulls his tail from her chest with a contempuious flicks, letting her body fall until he catches her by the neck and drags her body with him "i only want the blood, but i know some demons that will give me plenty for the body of an angel"

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Lust of The 7 Deadly Sins

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Flawless app.

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Roune Archleone
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