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 Note about Meta-Gaming

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PostSubject: Note about Meta-Gaming   Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:35 pm

What it is Meta-Gaming is having your character knowing something about another character that they normally wouldn't know IC. Such as calling them by their name when you haven't yet been introduced, or knowing their weaknesses and you have never met them before.

Why it's wrong Meta-Gaming is wrong because although it may seem like a little thing, it causes problems within the RP. Just because you've read that person's application doesn't mean that you automatically know (IC) everything about them.

Why I'm strict about it If you never read the two above this, then at least read this one. Meta Gamers are Noobs (Read the note for the difference between Newbs/Newbies and Noobs). And Noobs do not make for good role-play. If you must Meta Game, then DO NOT POST until you can figure out a way to make your post without Meta-Gaming.
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Note about Meta-Gaming
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