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 Note About God-Modding

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PostSubject: Note About God-Modding   Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:02 pm

What it is God-Modding is the telling of someone what happens to their character (Example: Ichigo uses a cero and everything in front of him is blasted to kingdom come!) That is God-Modding, quite obviously. Here is another example of more subtle God-Modding (Kenpachi unleashes his spiritual pressure and it slowly begins suffocating the life out of everyone within an X amount of miles!) Not exactly subtle, but it's quite obvious when someone is God-Modding.

Why it's wrong If you don't know why it's wrong, then read the above.

Why I'm strict about it mostly for the same reasons as Meta-Gaming, and the fact that it just isn't fair (and don't come at me with "life isn't fair" stuff. I know it isn't, but here God-Modding and Meta-Gaming are against the only rule I really enforce.)
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Note About God-Modding
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