A Heaven versus Hell rpg
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 The Chase...

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The Chase... Empty
PostSubject: The Chase...   The Chase... EmptyWed Jun 17, 2009 6:11 pm

Huffing, Altus had been running... Around 25ft away, were about 15 demons chasing him, they were hungry, and, since his aura stook out the most to them, they pursued being cannibals on feeding on their own 'comrade'. "How disloyal of these Demons! I mean... What the hell?!" He had questioned running away, trying to gain safety... Truly, that is what they thought, but, strategically he was running to a more isolated area, where he'd be able to slaughter these cannibalistic beasts. Once they reached an isolated alleyway, the Demons had thought that Altus was cornered. Altus turned around calmly, and, smirked... Closing his eyes, they saw the smirking and the arrogance beam off of Altus, of course, enrolling as his guise. "Hmph... Well, you've fallen for my trap." Stated Altus boldly as he walked a few steps forwards towards them. The weaker demons stepped back, in fear of their own ignorance, the stronger ones stepped forward, a crow-demon had challenged Altus, he stepped the furthest towards Altus. "No, you're trapped! You've fallen into an alleyway, where we will all devour you! Heh!!" Stated the crow-demon. Altus raised his Rapier's blade, and pointed it at the crow demon. "I am not startled, nor will I ever be amongst you weaklings... I'm only a Grunt, because I haven't been serving Hell for as long as most, rank, has nothing to do with power level!" Challenged Altus loudly. A few of the demons gasped behind the Crow Demon. "Come forth then!" Ordered the Crow Demon, being the superior, perhaps a Captain in Hell's military. "I shall." Replied Altus. Altus charged forward, the Crow Demon did the same, not being able to control its bloodlust, it pulled out its greatsword, and right when they were in range of one another, raised its arms, and slashed downward with its powerful blade. This had left an opening, and Altus quickly evaded the slash, and while the Crow Demon was getting his heavy sword back in action, Altus had already been at its side. With one slash, he had cut the Crow-Demon in two. The other demons were shocked... But, after their Captain's blood was splurting everywhere, they all immediately charged forward towards Altus in anger. "Heheh! Now you're all bloody! And it's not even yours! You truly are a devios demon, now let me devour you!!!!!!!!!!!" A sucubus ordered, she had chuckled a bit, and they all charged forward. One by one, in this isolated alley, had he sliced them, slashed them and stabbed them, until they were all dead, it was all thanks to his mastery of the rapier...

With a couple dozen of fallen, and bloody bodies... And only one body standing, with tones of blood all over, whichw as Altus's... Altus simply sheathed his Rapier back into its scabbard, and walked away as if it was the simplest massacre ever... There was blood still all on his trench coat, but, it only blended in with the trench coat's actual color. "These Demons are so bothersome... Devouring their own kin, due to a unique aura. How dare they!" He had said out loud, bearing an irritable expression, it was all apart of his guise. "I should be ranked up for such a feat. Hmph." He had said. "Although... The wench did promise me 2nd Lieutenant rank... She won't live up to it though, she is lust anyway... She would like you to focus on her, not a rank. How pitiful." Taunted Altus, without her presence even being around. He stepped a few more feet away from the alley, after walking for roughly 5 minutes calmly. Eventually, he was entirely in the clear, and continued walking, heading back to his outpost, alone, at night...
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The Chase...
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