A Heaven versus Hell rpg
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 Somewhere Out There...

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Somewhere Out There... Empty
PostSubject: Somewhere Out There...   Somewhere Out There... EmptyThu Jun 18, 2009 9:41 pm

Altus was sitting alone on a brick wall, which was apart of a home's frontyard... It was nighttime, and he had some time to spare, some alone time with himself... In the distance he could feel the suffering of others, innocence, angels, ect... It was deppressing, for now, he himself couldn't do anything, but, he had sensed it came from Hell. ...Why, why does there have to be suffering, why do powerful spiritual beings have to harm others, instead of help them? I don't understand what is so difficult... Thought Altus calmly in his mind. Cursed... I feel so helpless... I can only listen... I cannot act, what does that make me? A wothless, human shell? Thought Altus, being a Spy was finally getting to him, he had been one for almost a thousand of years. Due to this Human Body, and its human emotions, Altus even ended up shedding a couple tears, as he was out there, alone on Earth, helpless to actually do his 'real' job. He just sat there... Full of realization, and awareness... Altus was merely on the sidelines... Examining, and judging, but, to him, that was a duty... It wasn't supposed to be a shameful deed...
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Somewhere Out There...
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