A Heaven versus Hell rpg
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(OOC:Vio, from the word Violin, anyways I sure hope there is really a park in Metal City, cause that's what the topic will be about.)

It was almost sunset and Natallie's violin case was open. She stood behind it and played her violin while closing her eyes. She then heard someone nearby screaming out no! The voice sounded like it belonged to a female. The sudden scream, suprised Natallie and a squeaky not came from the violin. Which quickly made Natallie cover open her eyes and cover her ears. She looked around the park for humans, until she spotted a woman with short dark brown hair being surrounded by 5 men. The woman wore a grey coat and wore a white skirt, she wore a backpack which strap crossed over one shoulder to another. It was the type of backpacks that sometimes reminded Natallie of a purse. Natallie put away her violin and took out a charm and put it in her hand, as she watched the scene. One of the men came up close to her. "Aw, don't be afraid cutie. We don't bite, we won't hurt you." The girl took off the backpack and wacked him in the stomach. He groaned and dropped to his knees, he looked back at the other 4 men. "What are you just standing for? Grab her!" Natallie then started walked to the scene. She saw the woman running away and the men comming after her. The woman was looking back at the men as she ran and the men looked forward, at her. Natallie looked down at her charm again and breathed in. I'm usually not the person to do this.. She thought.
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