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 Blood + video game music video

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Blood + video game music video Empty
PostSubject: Blood + video game music video   Blood + video game music video EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 5:29 pm

(PLEASE READ THE INFO BELOW. I AM DEFINTELY NOT GOING TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS LIKE:WHAT'S THE VIDEO GAME TITLE? OR WHAT CONSOLE IS IT ON? Cause all of that stuff is in the info, so if you didn't read it, oh well. I find it annoying to have people ask questions when it's in the info.)

Found this one day and forgot to add it to my youtube playlist, I've been searching the same video for months and finally found it!! It's a music video to the Blood + PlayStation 2 video game. I think the title of the video game is:Blood + Souyoku no Battle Rondo. By the way if you don't like Evanescence don't watch the video, cause the song to this video is Whisper by Evanescence.

Here's the video:

Blood + video link
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Blood + video game music video
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