A Heaven versus Hell rpg
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 In a battle

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In a battle Empty
PostSubject: In a battle   In a battle EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 6:05 pm

Natallie had her trident in her hands and her violin case was strapped to her back. In front of her was an angry demon, she had made him angry not too long ago. It wasn't really her intention of making this demon angry. The demon the ran at her. "Rose Petho!" Natallie shouted, Rose petals then came from her trident and shot towards the enemy. The demon laughed. "Flower petals?!! What harm is that going to-" The petals then changed the direction and went past the demon. The demon laughed even harder. "Not only is your attack pathetic but you can't even aim it at me!" I don't like this demon...Natallie thought. As her petals turned around and went behind the still laughing demon, the petals then turned into thorns before it hit the demon in his back and went through him then came out of his belly and turned back into petals, before disappearing. Natallie then stabbed her trident in the ground and the wind began to blow and howl. She then heard leaves, behind her rustling.
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In a battle
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