A Heaven versus Hell rpg
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 Azoth, Black Rose (no done yet)

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PostSubject: Azoth, Black Rose (no done yet)   Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:25 am

Name: Azoth
Alias: Black Rose
Race: Nephilim
Loyalty: Neutral, but he some what hates Heaven
Age: looks 18, but really is 152
Gender: male
Height: around 5 feet and 6 inches

he keeps his wings hidden.
Notable Physical Traits: there is a mark that looks like a rose that is half black and half white.
Wing Span: 10 feet each
Wing Color: very light blue
Element: Ice

Strategic mind
Faster than most men
Control of ice
Mastery of daggers

Personality: a gentle person most of the times, unless you piss him off. He is more or less a solemn person. He is sometimes quiet completely.

Notable Personality Traits: Azoth is sad, and has a gloomy look on.


Twin Daggers: two daggers, that are the compete opposite of each other. One is black and the other is white. They are bent at an angel, so they are not the normal daggers. They have a red diamond shaped ruby at the top of the hilt.

Tenshi-ryoushi(Angel Hunter):
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Azoth, Black Rose (no done yet)
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