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A Heaven versus Hell rpg
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 Finally, Within Faith!

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Finally, Within Faith! Empty
PostSubject: Finally, Within Faith!   Finally, Within Faith! EmptyTue Jun 16, 2009 1:04 am

(OOC: I'm going to use my Creo element, very easily... Only because this isn't neccessarily dire to battle, it's a laid-back thread, that only Archangels, or the 7 Virtues would ever be capable of joining.)

Altus lie down on his bed... It had white sheets, and his room always seemed to be glowing a bright, white light... Due to the reflection coming from outside. Finally... Finally he could get some rest, actually away from Hell, in Heaven everything seemed more welcoming, soft, and comfortably "at home". Archangel Michael had his quarters amongst the Final Fortress... It was normally a ploy to fool outsiders, they had all thought of God being apart of this Final Fortress, and resting here, or sitting on his throne, but, he had never done that... God was always out, supporting his creations, guiding them, and even curing them. The thought of God's Heavenly Duties only soothed Diligence's soul, it had reminded him how dire his task was to such a being, the all-seer, and all-knower. Altus only relaxed after he had pledged forgiveness, and patience with those corrupted others, specifically the 7 Deadly Sins, beings he didn't neccessarily have to think about, but, going to Hell and back made him prone to doing so. Forgive me... Thought Altus to himself, for he was about to re-create the 2 Deadly Sins, Lust and Greed, literally within his quarters, in Heaven... He had asked for forgivness because such a sinful presence would never deserve a place in Heaven, but, Altus was a seeker-of-knowledge, and chose he'd do this. "Eviglio!" Cried Altus from within his room. That was an immediate sign, of him about to display his unique element. Quickly, he had molded a lifeless embodiment of the sins Lust and Greed, from what he had seen at River Styx... They were standing, but, their arms were flopped downward, and so were their faces, and hair... No movememnt at all. Altus then calmly reached out his arms, and opened his palms, placing them lightly against both the lifeless bodies. "Concurses!" Demanded Altus, and immediately, he had granted them both with Hellish Flames, he had chosen the fire element, because it was most commonly known, that demons, and beings of Hell used it, and mastered most frequently, and easily. They were now lifeless, and with cold expressions lifted up their hunched backs, and opened their eyes... Devious, devious eyes. They hadn't done anything quite yet, and were interconnected with Altus's mindset. They stood in place, but, with false souls...

"I command you both to follow me!" Ordered Altus strongly, he didn't neccessarily have to command, or even speak in order to tame them, manipulate them... But, due to their horrid "actual" lives, he had done so anyway. They then followed him outside of his room, into the courtyard behind the Final Fortress... There were glorious, everlasting and blooming flowers, and the skies as one may call, were shining gorgeously, as they always had. The elite Guards, capable of taking on even the strongest Demons, and Nephilim had allowed Altus to pass through with his "creations", for they trusted the one of the seven virtues. Once outside, Altus drew his blade. Altus turned around, facing his creations whom were only about 12ft away from him, there was ALOT of room within the Courtyard, far enough for multiple battles. "Commence my death, foul beings!" Ordered Altus loudly, those words had attracted a few Guards, and they observed. Altus opened his eyes, they were shining golden due to his "true form" being revealed in Heaven, which he had allowed it to ever so frequently. The two Deadly Sins were given just the amount of strength, and mental capacity the two Deadly Sins had given Altus, although, thanks to his analyzing, that was quite an accurate amount. They charged forward, Altus drew his rapier, the Deadly Sin, Greed had drawn his longsword, while the other Deadly Sin, Lust drew her katana... They had charged towards Altus in a maneuverable fashion, criss-crossing as they got closer and closer, trying to dazzle the Archangel, of course, he had awoken bloodlust within these formerly lifeless souls, now, he'd pay the price...

Stressfully, he had slashed at Greed's longsword, for it was swinging towards him, then he had backflipped twice, to gain some ground, quickly, Lust had his back, and slashed at him, this forced Altus to turn around, and block it with his rapier's red blade. Lust had slashed downward, attempting to temble her opponnents bones, but, Altus had tumbled out of the way in time, the slash was powerful... When he stood back up, and while Lust was organizing herself, Greed had charged downward at Altus! The longsword of the Deadly Sin darting down towards his position, Altus manuevered it by rolling to the right, and this caused Greed to strike the ground instead. This is a complex situation... Not once have I been in the offensive.Thought Altus to himself. But, I suppose at the moment, being on the offensive would only give a free opening to the enemy.Added Altus strategically. Greed had spread his wings, they were somewhat wide, and as he had done this, he gathered up a massive amount of flames, and simply lunged them directly forward towards Altus's position. Altus had to react quickly, and shouted, "Renuo!" Of course, after he had stretched out his arm, and opened up his right palm, the force of the fireball lessened, and lessened as it got closer and closer, and right before it reached Altus, simply cancelled out, and died, due to a strange, invisible force. Due to the fireball, and Altus's direct attenttion at it formerly, it had appeared that Lust was directly behind Altus, she was soundless, it was odd. And immediately, she slashed Altus's back, due to his carelessness on her position. Altus fell forward heavily. With that done, Lust had brought up her katana with both arms, and slashed downward directly towards, and through Altus's back. Before this was done, Altus had kicked her ankles hard, tripping her. Immediately he stood back up, and turned around because Greed was right there waiting for him, Greed continuously slashed his sword with immense speed, Altus continued keeping up, realizing that Lust was currently on the ground.

"CHING!" The last slash, and the last of Altus's blocks were heard loudly, then, Greed jumped back one way, sliding against the grass with his feet, and Altus the other, doing the same. Dust had smoked up due to their sliding, and the impact of the clash, and, Lust had gotten up directly afterwards. With an intent to kill, she had thrown her Katana straight for Altus, immediately afterwards, even while the Katana was still in the air, shooting beams of hellfire from the palms of her hands. Greed was swiping his wings, thus making Lust's flames even more powerful, due to the feeding of oxygen. As if in slow motion, both Altus and the nearby Katan, Altus slightly nudge his head to the left, dodging the impact of the blade through his flesh, but, still getting a clean slice on the left side of his cheek. The beams of flames reached him only .5 seconds afterwards, and he had to respond quick. "Renuo!" Diligence commended loudly! Using both arms, and opening both palms, he had cancelled out the powerful beams in mid-air, of course, it was draining for him as well. Lust had used alot of Spiritual Energy, but, Greed was only just getting there... Raising both his arms, he had gathered a MASSIVE fireball, this time, purple flames, these flames could burn even the most holy substances. Unaware of the knowledge he had given to his creations, they were already learning quickly. W-What?! How could this be possible! I can't negate such a ferocious attack with Renuo, unless I sacrifice a large density of my own Spiritual Energy!Cried out Altus in his head. Greed had lunged the purple hellfire ball of death straight towards Altus, it was very accurate, and ironically fast. With his back injured, it was difficult, but, Altus had spread his long, Golden wings, just by spreading them, a blinding aura had appeared, it blinded both Lust and Greed, but, not the Fireball, so, using his Golden Wings he had shielded his body, by folding them into one another, like a coccoon. And, just like a Holy Barrier, the large fireball clashed with the Golden Wings, it was burning, and painful... Altus also may have lost a few feathers, but, they'd grow back... Overall... Even the purple flames halted, now, with all three of them at weaker states... It would only depend on their stamina. Lust had gotten in position first, but, Altus sped up much faster, drawing his rapier he quickly activated its Red, deadly demeanor, and sliced Lust down, before Lust sliced him down, Greed had still been taking the lack of energy from the purple flames, and, with Altus's last bit of stamina and speed, Altus sliced Greed's head straight off...

Only 40 seconds later, after standing up, and observing the fall of his creations, he knew they weren't dead... But, he'd finish them off, now that they were useless to him. Raising one arm, after collapsing against the grass, he gave one last shout. "Renuo!" And both creations dispersed, back into soul particles, back into Altus... Then, Altus passed out, his silver hair shining, his golden eyes closed, he rested... Very, very peacefully.
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Finally, Within Faith!
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