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A Heaven versus Hell rpg
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 Taking In The Foul Beings...

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Taking In The Foul Beings... Empty
PostSubject: Taking In The Foul Beings...   Taking In The Foul Beings... EmptyFri Jun 19, 2009 4:18 am

Altus, along with 6 other Angels... Three on his left side lined up, and three on his right side lined up, marched through the gates, which Altus had unlocked, and moved forward into the City... Between this line-up of six Angels, with Altus leading them through the City, were roughly 20 Prisoners Altus had led, into their own destruction, their imprisonment. These prisoners were Demons, serving Lucifer and the 7 Deadly Sins. All the Angel stood there sternly, waiting for their Commander, Archangel Altus or Patience, to order them to halt... While wondering through the Golden City, good, peaceful souls, and other fellow Angels had been shocked, and disgusted by such presences. "Halt!" Ordered Archangel Altus sternly, as he turned around to face the 6 Angels, and 20 Demon-Prisoners of war, the Demons had remained silent... They were in an open field, a crowd had started gathering. "All you Heavenly, Spiritual Beings... I bring you here today, 20 Captains of Hell's military!" Altus raised his Rapier after pulling it out of his scabbard, he appeared very glorious, and he had been very charismatic with his silver, shining hair, golden wings spreading, white armor trimmed gold glistening and his eyes, a golden yellow glaring. "These prisoners of war, shall bow mercifully, to the power of God!" Claimed Altus. Directly after saying that, he had used his Angelic abilities to make his Rapier glow a golden color. "Bow before the power of God, Demons!" Ordered Altus sternly. The Demons looked up to the mighty Archangel, they didn't beg, and they hadn't shown any care for God. "Still, you have not realized your Sins, so Sinners, I shall vanquish you!" Shouted Patience to the crowd of Captains bowing before him, before the embodiment of God's judgment. Raising one arm, he had gathered several powerful Lights from Heaven's skies, these Light's were ten times more powerful then what they would be on Earth. The Lights grew brighter, and brighter, taking their time. The Demons just looked up to the sky, the powerful lights in awe. "Feel the pain, of all you have led other Demonic Spirits into doing!" Ordered Altus as he commanded the bright, powerful Lights to form into beams, and, like a jolt of powerful lightning, each immensely incredible Light beamed down, and immediately destroyed on, and each Demon Captain. There were loud cries of pain, but, their Sins were too strong to forgiven. Within 4 seconds flat, the Demonic Aura faded, along with its phsyical embodiments. Archangel Altus sheathed his Rapier, back into its scabbard. The Angels remained calm, and understanding. The good, heavenly spirits were in awe, and very proud of the Archangel's actions.

As Altus began leaving the area, returning to the Final Fortress, a kind Spirit had caughten up to him, for Altus allowed it. "H-How'd you manage to gather 20 Captains?!" Questioned the good Soul curiously, with admiration in his tone. "I've been fulfilling my duties, as a Spy... I have been able to gain enough information, to lure, even the greatest leaders of the Hellish Army into their redemption... My duties down there, are not for nothing... I'm merely being patient, and serving my purpose, for the sake of Heaven, and for the trust of God." Explained the Archangel calmly. "You're an amazing Commander!" Complimented the kind Soul. "Thank you, but, that alone, isn't what makes you an impressive General, having amazing troops, that, that is the key, bound to Leadership." Replied the Archangel kindly. "It was a pleasure speaking to you!" Added the Soul. "I appreciate that... I'll continue to try, and live up to God... I thank him for all this glory, and justice he has given me to enforce." Addressed the Archangel softly. "F-Farewell, Archangel Altus!" Waved the Soul as Altus kept moving. Altus turned around, to face the man... He smiled, and waved back. Then, he turned around, and headed for the Final Fortress...
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Taking In The Foul Beings...
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