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A Heaven versus Hell rpg
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roune archleone
Greed of The 7 Deadly Sins
roune archleone

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PostSubject: Lia   Lia EmptyThu Jul 02, 2009 1:32 am

Original Name: Lia Murphy
New Name: N/A
Race: Human
Allegance: Roune
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"

Appearance: Lia BlondmoongurlNotable Physical Traits: roune's name is carved into the skin just under her chest. she has a long diagnol slash on her torso. lia also has all the numerous piercings and the sigil scars that all roune's slaves do, but none of the glyphs that lash does.

Talents: lia is skilled at stealing, having lived as a pickpocket before being taken by roune

Personality: lia is very submissive and happy to serve roune, even proud of the scars he's given her. she grew up knowing no love and only abuse until she ran away, where she was found by roune, now she serves him loyally and does anything to serve him well

Notable Personality Traits: a mashochist

Weapons: N/A

Accessories: she has just one necklace with a silver pendent, the only item roune allows her

Background: lia was idly snatched by roune one day as he waited for ember, he planned to torture and kill her, and began by cutting his name into her skin. when roune saw the look of pleasure on her face mixed in with the pain his plans changed and he decided to make her his slave, she mostly remains on earth, acting as he master's earthly pet
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